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About Cosmo Fire

Cosmo Fire safety Industries is also associated with the most highly qualified companies in the field of Fire Detection and Fire Fighting Systems. We not only offer you a product, but we also back-up what we sell with full servicing, maintenance and training options. We have a separate department totally dedicated for Maintenance of Fire Fighting Systems and Equipment. We offer the service of our Engineers and Technicians round the clock (24 hours) for emergency requirements. Further we also undertake annual and half yearly Maintenance contracts, which will ensure the smooth functioning of the various Fire Fighting Systems and Equipment throughout the year.

We are appointed by the government of Maharashtra as License Agency to undertake certification as per the new act for issuing certificate Form A [ref section 3 (3) rule 4 (1) and Form B [ref section 3(3) rule 4(2)].

As per our Licence No.

[1] MFS-LA/RD-0035
[2] MFS-LA/RP-0008
[3] MFS-LA/RF-0051
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