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Our standard fire pump sets are manufactured to comply all local civil defence requirements, International standards NFPA 20, LPC and also for customized built in packages.
Our standard fire pump set packages are well assembled, supplied and used for fighting applications in various areas including Government buildings, Ware houses, High rise buildings, Factories, Residential buildings etc. Every set shall be designed and selected for its specific duty, comprising one electric motor drive, one diesel engine driven for stand-by and one jockey pump for maintaining the system pressure. These pumps are controlled and operated by fully automatic, latest designed control panels and the packaged set is warranted as per standards terms existing in the region.

Engineered for excellence in performance, cur standard range is wide open to suit the customer requirements.Capacities from 35 US GPM to 10,000US GPM Pressure ranges from 5 to 15 bars Our pumps are in accordance to ANSI or BS standards. Panels are per IEC standards.


Supply as per calculated water requirement, fixing and installation, coupling of pumps with drive units, repairing maintenance of pumps, prime movers, rewinding of electric motors, controllers, manual and automation, commissioning testing and training, providing of operators. After sale services.

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