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Monitors are suitable for Aircraft Hangers, Marine Loading Docks and Petrochemical installations. They act as supplementary devices along with other fixed installations.

Foam Concentrates

AFFF 3%, AFFF 2%, AFFF 6%, AFFF (Alcohol Resistant) 3%, AFFF (Alcohol Resistant) 6% FP 6%, FP 3% FFPP 6%, FFPP 3%,FFPP (Alcohol Resistant) 6%, FFPP (Alcohol Resistant) 3%,High Expansion Foam 6%


Design, installation of all type of low, medium and high expansion foam systems with UPVC, PE, CS, ERW piping network, all kinds of welding and fabrications, testing, commissioning, maintenance, service contracts, providing expert fire fighters, service contracts, trainings etc

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