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Foam Systems


Fixed foam equipment is used to protect high value assets involving sites where flammable and hazardous materials are stored and processed. Fixed foam equipment comprises of a comprehensive range of foam proportioning and discharge devices used for the protection of the following sites:

Fuel / Chemical Storage tanks and bunds
Refineries and petrochemical installations
Airports and Helicopter Landing Areas
Chemical Process Plants
Loading Racks
Offshore Oil Rigs
Jetty Protection
Spill Fire Protection

Foam System consists of the Bladder Tank, suitable proportioning equipment and the following fixed discharge devices or a combination thereof usually being used for the protection of the above risks.

Foam Chamber
Rim Seal Pourer
Foam Pourer
Medium Expansion Generator
High Expansion Generator
Foam/Water Monitor


Design, installation of all type of low, medium and high expansion foam systems with UPVC, PE, CS, ERW piping network, all kinds of welding and fabrications, testing, commissioning, maintenance, service contracts, providing expert fire fighters, service contracts, training etc.

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