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Foam System

Portable Foam Inductor

Variable Inline Foam Inductors provide a simple and accurate means of inducing foam concentrate into the water supply. Matched to a complete range of Foam Branchpipes, the inductors are suitable for accurately proportioning all types of foam concentrate over a 1% to 6% range.

Medium Expansion Branch Pipes

Medium Expansion Branch pipes are suitable for rapid vapor suppression and fire control over large surface areas. Bulky foam produced helps to cover objects and keep the cool

Low Expansion Branch Pipes

Foam Branchpipes are air aspirating type made of aluminium tube and cast bronze. It is ideal for use with all foam types.


Design, installation of all type of low, medium and high expansion foam systems with UPVC, PE, CS, ERW piping network, all kinds of welding and fabrications, testing, commissioning, maintenance, service contracts, providing expert fire fighters, service contracts, trainings etc.

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