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Fm200 Suppressions


Our Equipments are a frontline defence against fires in such diverse products as consumer electronics, computers, textiles, furnitures and auto parts - and in case after case, studies show that products that save lives. Ever since Halon 1301 was targeted as a serious ozone-depletig substance, We have been instrumental in having non-ozone depleting replacement agents. The most recent addition to full line of Halon replacements is FE 227, or heptafluoropane (HFC-227 ee), which is the world's widely used in-kind replacement for Halon 1301 in total flooding applications. FE 227 effectively prevents or extinguishes all major classes of fires and is safe, clean, and electrically nonconductive. Its boiling paint is - 15°C (3.9°F) making it useful for total flooding of enclosures at HFC-227 ea is the leading chemical agent replacement for Halon 1301 in the special hazards suppression market, globally. For a system installation in an existing or new facility. FE 227 is the Halon 1301 replacement agent of choice
A wide range of sizes are available, offering a choice of fill capacities for meet your specific need and ensure maximum in economy of installation in maximizing the use of your floor space.

FE 227 Clean Agent Cylinder have passed extensive testing and are use in installations, where 10 Lbs to 1045 lbs (3.5Kgs to 474 Kgs.) of HFC-227ea is required. The clean agent si retained in the container by valve assembly, which contains a fast acting rupture disc. Rupture disc in the HEART of FE 227 discharge valve.Rapture disc is pre-scored stainless membrane formed into domed shaped and scored with four pressure-relief line across the domed. The disc will br ruptured, and Clean Agent released, through two methods: (1) Operation of an actuator by an electric signal that


Design, agent calculations for hazard area, installation of high pressure piping network threaded and welded, fixing of equipment, commissioning, testing and training, after sales services. Refilling of FM200 agent.

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