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Conventional Fire Detection & Alarm System

For larger applications a 12-24 zone conventional panels are available. These panels complies with Bs 5839 and includes facilities such as one man zone test, bomb alert and zoned or two stage alarm outputs as required. Larger panel sizes or flush mounting versions are also available on demand. The Xenex panel complies fully with the European standard EN 54 parts 2 7 4 and can be used on installations meeting Bs 5839-1. Each panel contains its own integral power supply and battery support for up to eight alarms sounder circuits, tow auxiliary relay contacts, aa zone disablement facility and a one man test and commission facility, all simplifying system design, installation and commissioning.

Heat Detector

Heat detectors respond to changes in temperature and are better suited to smoky, dusty or steamy environments than smoke detectors. A comprehensive range of fixed, high temperature and rate of rise devices are available, making the range suitable for areas where the temperature fluctuates for natural reasons or due to certain industrial processes

Manual Call point

Manual call points are manufactured from ABS with plastic covered push beak glasses for safe and simple operation. No hammer is required. A poly cabonate cover version is available for applications susceptible fo inadvertent operation, such as sports halls.

Smoke Detector

Optical smoke detectors are ideal at detecting visually smoky fires which are likely to be slow, smouldering fires. ABS casing with red LED fire indicator.Optical beam smoke detectors are suitable for open areas where installation of single point detectors may be difficult or uneconomical.Beam detectors can be installed with separate transmitter and receiver or combined transceiver unit and reflector. The S-cubed range of alarm sounders incorporate sound, speech and strobe effects all in one range of alarms devices. The range offers all variants in the choice of 2 color, red or white, with either a shallow base verison sealed to Ip31 or a deep base version sealed to Ip55. All the low profile sounders have the option of an integral strobe. As an aid


Installation of conventional systems, cabling, conducting, interlink with other systems, commissioning & testing, maintenance, annually & semi annually service contracts.

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