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Co2 Suppression System


Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is an environmentally safe gas theat is colorless, odorless, electrically conductive, and efficient as a clean agent fire suppression agent. Carbon dioxide has a high ratio of expansion, which facilities rapid discharge and allows for three-dimensional penetration of the entire hazard area quickly. Stored in steel containers as a liquid, Carbon dioxide extinguishers a fire by cooling the atmosphere and reducing the oxygen content of the protected area below the point where it can support combustion. It has nor residual cleanup associated with its us as fire suppression agent. Carbon dioxide can be used to protect a wide variety of hazards to fit your industrial and commercial fire protection needs.


Reducing the oxygen content from the normal 21% to below 15% will extinguish most surface fires thus requiring at 34% CO2 concentration level. Depending upon the application a significant amount of cooling is also provided. Rapid expansion of the snow togas reduces the ambient process and retard re-ingnition.


Ideal Application
Flammable Liquid Storage Areas
Quench Tanks
Printing Processes
Mixing Operations
Spray Booths
Turbine Driven Generators
Electrical Areas
Dust Collectors
Engin Rooms


Design, agent calculations for hazard area, installation of high pressure piping network threaded and welded, fixing of equipment, commissioning, testing and training, after sales services. Refilling of CO2 gas

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