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Fire Hose Cabinet


Foam/Water Cabinet
Foam / Water cabinet characterized of its high performance for attacking class A, B fire within seconds and it is designed that one person can operate the unit actively. It can be used effectively in gas station, petrochemical plants, warehouses etc.
Standard equipment consists of Fire hose size 2.5" x 100 feet synthetic rubber lined with couplings. Foam branch pipe. 2 x25 litres AFFF 3% foam drums. Foam inductor.

Fire Hydrant Cabinet

Standard equipment consists of
2 nos. fire hose size 2.5" x 100 feet synthetic rubber lined with brass couplings, Aluminum couplings are available on requirement.
2 nos. hose nozzle 2.5"
1 no. adjustable hydrant wrench
1 no. pin lug spanner wrench and fire axe.
4 nos. 2.5" rubber gasket for hose couplings.


Design, AutoCAD Drawings, Installation in high-rise buildings, industries, chemical & Gas plants, All kind of piping networking to install the hose reel cabinets. Commissioning, testing, training, service contracts, etc

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