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Addressable Fire Alarm System

Beams sensors are suitable for large open areas where installation may be difficult or uneconomical. These detectors cone in pairs, one of which emits an infra-red beam, detected by the other unit. If the beam is broken by smoke, the sensor is triggered. This model employs 'True' analogue detection techniques whereby other interruptions, caused by people of shadows, will discounted

The S-Quad combines a sounder and strobe within a sensor which not only reduces the number of individual devices you have to install, but also provides an even cover of sound and light throughout a building.

An addressable call point with a response time less than 1 second Versions available include: Resettable or break glass Lift up covers Keyswitch Ip55 rated - when fitted with cover and surface box


Installation of addressable systems, cabling, conducting, programming of addressable systems, interlink with other systems, commissioning & testing, maintenance, quarterly and annually service contracts.

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